The Lion's Jaw'

Project in Development  |  2016

The Lion's Jaw

"Welcome to God's ashtray" reads the sign that greets newly graduated Lieutenant James Lesley as he arrives at Forward Operating Base Tango at the base of The Lion's Jaw, the longest valley in Afghanistan. On his first operation James and his team of four are ordered to journey up the valley to advise a powerful warlord, Azeem Asoud, that his millions of dollars in US aid funding is being cut.

A 5 season, 13 part cable war-drama that melds deep character development with a strong contemporary geopolitical premise, epic cinematic scenery, multi-layered intrigue, and brutal action.

Writers David Strong, Wanda Lepionka and Steve Barr

The Last Night

Short Film  |  2014  |  New Zealand

The Last Night

The Last Night

In mountainous Afghanistan, UN military advisor Captain James Lesley negotiates with the powerful warlord Azeem Asoud not to massacre a village in the morning. A story inspired by true events about the futility of Western efforts in trying to change lives in Afghanistan.

Writer | Director David Strong

Pacific Dreams

Short Film  |  2011  |  New Zealand

Pacific Dreams

Pacific Dreams Poster

In the grey, limbo world that is Pacific Dreams Rest Home, the residents exist, but don't live. Grace, an elderly and determined lady, struggles against the Head Nurse to bring life inside and uphold human dignity.

Writer | Director David Strong

Best Actress Award Dame Kate Harcourt
Rhode Island International Film Festival

David Strong

David Strong is a writer, director and producer from Wellington, New Zealand.

He has written and directed two short films. Pacific Dreams starring New Zealand Dame Kate Harcourt who won Best Actress at Rhode Island Film Festival. His latest short, The Last Night, is about to be submitted to international film festivals.

He has written several feature screenplays. David's other credits include: The Waterhorse and The Hobbit as military advisor.

David has two Masters of Arts and a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature. He is a member of the New Zealand Writers Guild and Screen Directors Guild.

Wanda Lepionka

Wanda has produced two short films, Pacific Dreams and The Last Night. Her other credits include: Avatar as Costume Co-Ordinator and Pacific Dreams as costume supervisor.

Wanda has a Master of Philosophy in Visual and Material Culture and a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Classical Studies. Wanda is a member of SPADA and WIFT.