Short Film  |  2011  |  New Zealand

In the grey, limbo world that is Pacific Dreams Rest Home, the residents exist, but don't live. Grace, an elderly and determined lady, struggles against the Head Nurse to bring life inside and uphold human dignity.

Writer | Director David Strong

Pacific Dreams


Short Film  |  2010  |  New Zealand

In the grey, limbo world that is Pacific Dreams Rest Home, the residents exist, but don't live. Grace, an elderly and determined lady, struggles against the Head Nurse to bring life inside and uphold human dignity.

Writer | Director David Strong


Pacific Dreams

Pacific Dreams Rest Home, 'that sounds nice doesn't it, a place to rest and dream,' says the Taxi Driver to Grace as they drive up to the front entrance. Grace soon discovers that to rest and dream is not always pleasant. For Pacific Dreams is limbo, a grey, quiet place between life and death, where residents exists but don't live.

The staff, led by Joan the Head Nurse, have lost their way. The residents need care, but there are rules and it’s easier if everyone obeys them. The residents come and go, and Joan is there to ease them on their way.

Such dogma doesn’t sit well with Grace, a genteel lady who's lived life to the fullest and isn't about to give it up now. She changes things bit by bit, like re-opening the curtains that have been closed before it is dark, bringing fresh flowers inside and sitting at the men's only table.

Grace's actions break the rules and Joan sets about stopping her. The women struggle in a passive- aggressive way. In the end, quiet dignity and determination wins through and Joan is reminded that we are never too old to live and love.

News & Events

17th August 2011

Dame Kate Harcourt awarded "Best Actress" first prize for leading role in Pacific Dreams at international film festival - Media Release (pdf)


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Behind the Scenes


Dame Kate Harcourt


Dame Kate Harcourt

Dame Kate is one of New Zealand's foremost actresses and her most recent credits include the following feature films: Separation City, Apron Strings, Second Hand Wedding, and Without A Paddle.

Tina Cleary


Tina Cleary

Tina's acting credits include: The Strip, The Lost Children and Hercules: The Legendary Journeys.

Don Langridge


Don Langridge

Don's acting credits include: Second Hand Wedding, Absent Without Leave, Duggan, The Singing Trophy and Revelations.

Turei Reedy


Turei Reedy

Turei’s acting credits include: Until Proven Innocent and The Strip.


Catherine Juniot


CATHERINE JUNIOT is a Film Producer and Entertainment Lawyer with over 12 years' experience working in the NZ and International Film and TV Industries. Catherine currently has two feature films in development with the New Zealand Film Commission: and has just produced three short films, Pacific Dreams; A Fictitious Thesis; and Cinderella's Prince. Catherine was also Associate Producer on Inconceivable, staring Andie MacDowell.

CAs well as producing, Catherine is a Freelance Legal & Business Affairs Advisor to the New Zealand Film and TV Industries. Catherine was Business Affairs Manager at the New Zealand Film Commission during which time she played a key role in the financing, contracting, selling and production monitoring of the following feature films: The World's Fastest Indian, Number 2, Black Sheep, Sione's Wedding, Eagle vs Shark and Out of the Blue.

CCatherine has a Bachelor of Laws Degree and a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Victoria University of Wellington.

Warrick Attewel

Director of Photography

Warrick Attewel

WARRICK (WAKA) ATTEWEL is one of New Zealand's most experienced feature film, commercial and documentary Cinematographers – and through his own production company is also the Producer and Director of many iconic New Zealand TVCs.

For his work on feature films and international television series, notably Xena Warrior Princess as Main Unit DP, Waka has been praised by the most insightful of Hollywood's critics. Variety Magazine described his work on Starlight Hotel as "being magnificent". Leonard Maltin had this to say about the same film: "A friendly film about a most unlikely friendship. Warrick Attewell's cinematography is a standout!"

Winner, Best Cinematography Award for the feature film The Whole Of The Moon in the New Zealand Film and Television Awards - Waka's achievements are multifarious; DP on more than a dozen feature films, Director/DP of a score of international award-winning commercials, dramas and documentaries. Waka brings passion, talent and commitment to every project, utilising his specialist skills in aerial and adventure work. He is proficient with motion control concepts and preparation of live action on location for CGI requirements.

  • Writer/Director/Producer David Strong
  • Production Manager Jonny Eagle
  • First Assistant Director Darren Mackie
  • Second Assistant Director Olivia Scott
  • Second Assistant Director Jonny Eagle
  • Third Assistant Director Fern Karun
  • Third Assistant Director Anne Jaeger
  • Script Supervisor Merrin Ruck
  • Script Supervisor Karen Alexander
  • Director's Assistant Anne Jaeger
  • Focus Puller Mike Knudsen
  • Clapper Loader Kim Thomas
  • Data Wrangler Phil Oatley
  • Digital Image Technician Tony Pratt
  • Key Grip Graeme Tuckett
  • Assistant Grip Graham Smout
  • Gaffer Matt Sharp
  • Gaffer Lee Scott
  • Lighting Assistant Jared Oneale
  • Lighting Assistant Bret Saunders
  • LX Trainee Vince Roper
  • Sound Recordist Aaron Davis
  • Art Director Anna Brown
  • Assistant Art Director Bex Moore
  • Costume Designer Wanda Lepionka-Strong
  • Costume Designer Kerstin Kary
  • Graphic Designer Andrew Pankurst
  • Storyboard Artist Fern Karun
  • Hair & Make up Designer Hil Cook
  • Hair & Make up Artist Ange Duncan
  • Hair & Make up Artist Hayley Ness
  • Unit Manager Aaron Dickson
  • Caterer Rachel Juniot
  • Runner Andrew Pankurst
  • Stills Photographer Hannie Webling
  • Casting Director Miranda Rivers
  • Publicist Wanda Lepionka-Strong
  • Mentor Alex Galvin
  • Script Consultant Tim O'Brien
  • Editor Paul Sutorius
  • Assistant Editor Angela Boyd
  • Colourist Jon Newell
  • Online Editor Rob Gordon
  • Foley Artist Phil Burton
  • Sound Designer Jeremy Cullen
  • Original Music Composed & Performed by Geoff Duncan
  • Double Bass Performed by Caleb Robinson
  • Music Recorded and Mixed at Triple Star Studios
  • Audio Engineer Geoff Duncan
  • Re-recording Mixer Jeremy Cullen
  • "Dancing in the Sun with You" Performed by Sunbird 7 under licence from Geoff Duncan